For many people struggling with Drug or Alcohol Dependence, the roots go way back to past trauma, things that happened to us even when we were children. As human beings we are 3 parts (Spirit, Soul and Body) and we can have injuries contributing to addiction in any of these 3 parts.

EMDR can play a big part in healing many of these root issues, but sometimes we can benefit from an intensive treatment setting, like a Residential Treatment Program specifically designed to treat addictions.

If you or a Loved one are struggling with Addiction, and feel that you would benefit from a Addiction Treatment Program, The Crossing Point in Kelowna is an excellent place to consider.

We can even continue our EMDR sessions that you have with Kate, while you are enrolled in the treatment program at the Crossing point.

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The Crossing Point – Kelowna Drug Rehab
Valiant Behavioral Health – Ottawa Drug Rehab