Dealing with stress? Anxiety? Fear? Anger?

Everybody could benefit from someone impartial to talk to. Kate does not judge people for the challenges they are dealing with. It can be difficult to manage daily life in this high-paced environment. Every one deals with stress, anxiety, fear, anger, and loneliness. Kate can offer you the tools to better manage the stress you find yourself in and replace unhealthy coping mechanisms with some that are more helpful.

EMDR will allow you to quickly process the memories that are not adaptively connected in your brain, draining any disturbance that has been caught in your nervous system. This way your past is no longer disturbing to you or effecting your present, It will also allow you to change your trajectory and change your future.

At Hard Knox, Kate helps you get rid of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are unhelpful in your life while encouraging you to accept yourself, as well as those around you and the world you live in.

We all live according to a rulebook. The rules have come from many places, our parents, teachers, television. These rules are often for a good reason and maybe they were important at one time, maybe even kept us alive. Is it possible that these rules are not working for you anymore? Sometimes people continue to follow the same rules even after the rulebook is outdated. It is important to go through this book from time to time and update it by determining which rules are still working and which ones are not. What worked at age 7 may no longer work at age 15, or 25, or 50. Kate will facilitate this process for you and offer you the tools with which to do this for yourself in the future.